Upcoming Sermon Series

January 8, 2017 – Epiphany Sunday

Theme: competing kingdoms: fear vs. awe/worship and welcome

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12

Sermon Title: “Competing Kingdoms”

A Celebration of Holy Communion


January 15, 2017 – Epiphany 2

Theme: Overcoming inevitable setbacks to fulfilling a vision for life and ministry.

Scripture: Luke 4:14-30

Sermon Title: “Keeping on the Way”


January 22, 2017 – Epiphany 3

Theme: Reaching out with the message of Christ in this time and place.

Scripture: Luke 5:1-11

Sermon Title: “Let Down Your Nets”


January 29, 2017 – Epiphany 4

Theme: Is it ever right to break the rules? Under what circumstances or for what purpose?

Scripture: Luke 6:1-16

Sermon Title: “Rules, Rules, Rules”