November 2019 Worship Opportunities

November 03                “The Power of being REAL”       All Saints Sunday


Psalm 100:1-5                 Joel  2:23-24; 28-29
REAL church has to do with four elements: Relevant, Enthusiastic, Authentic, Loving. When these four elements are visible, and evident within the life of the congregation, that congregation is transforming lives and being transformed in the regular basis. People in the congregation and the community are being saved from their sins, finding their basic needs met, identifying with their dreams, and achieving God’s purposes for them.


November 10                        “Confirming our Call”                  
Philippians 3:12-14                      Jeremiah 1:4-10
There is a point in our lives that we need to be sure what we are doing is what God wants us to do. With any opportunity given to you, you must ask yourself two questions: Is God calling to serve in this place?  Does it have my name written all over it? When your call is clear for you as a Christian, you can then be the catalyst to help others in the pews and in the streets, with power and conviction embrace their own call. Without a clear call, doing transformational ministry is impossible. It is only possible with God!


November 17    “The Main thing, is the Main thing”   Stewardship Sunday
Acts 2:43-47             Habakkuk 2:1-3

As we know, the discipleship journey is a thread that weaves through our lives. It is not always predictable, nor do two people experience or describe it in the same way. Some of us describe it as an inward experience while others talked of an external expression. Some of us see it as the relationship with God, other see it as the relationship with others. That is the richness of the journey.


November 24          “Increasing our relationship Capacity”       
Timothy 3:8-14            Philippians 2:15-18
Great ministries take place, because great leaderships system is in place to make it happen. Poor ministry happens when there is poor or no leadership to make it happen. So, what becomes imperative for any congregation seeking to be relevant, enthusiastic, authentic, and loving congregation within its community and the world is the presence of effective spiritual leadership. It is important to develop an overarching process for identifying, placing, equipping, and providing feedback in a way that naturally develops people into being servant leaders; more than just leaders of different ministries.