Lenten 2019 Worship Opportunities

May 26 – The Sixth Sunday of Easter
Scripture: Romans 5:1-11
Sermon: “Reconciled through Christ”
Theme: Reconciliation with God and each other through Jesus Christ

June 2 – The Seventh Sunday of Easter (9:00 a.m.)
Scripture: Romans 6:1-14
Sermon/Discussion: “Dying and Rising with Christ”
Theme: Where do we find the power and commitment to continue walking faithfully as a disciple of Jesus?


Confirmation Sunday (10:30 a.m.)
Scripture: John 14:15-17, 25-27
Sermon: A Word from our Confirmands
Theme: The meaning of confirmation from the perspective of our confirmation class


June 9 – Pentecost Sunday
Scripture: Acts 2:1-13; Romans 8:14-30 (selected verses)
Sermon: “The Power of the Spirit”
Theme: The work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, church and world