Mission, Vision, Values Statement

Mission: HUGHES UMC is a community of faithful disciples reflecting the face of Christ to all whom we encounter.


Vision: As a community of Jesus’ followers, Hughes UMC seeks to reflect the face of Christ through

  • Worship as a source of joy and spiritual excitement, energizing the church and spreading into our surrounding community

  • Being an intergenerational, multiethnic, multicultural community which embraces the society in which we live and serve Christ

  • Honoring where people are on their spiritual journey and providing opportunities for growth in faith and service

  • Using our gifts, talents and resources to be engaged in face to face, hands on, life transforming ministries.

  • Sharing our own encounters and relationships with God so that the story of Jesus Christ is told and the Good News is embodied in all we say and do.


Values: to undergird the mission of Hughes Church, reflecting the face of Christ, we value:

  • Christ-centeredness

    • everything we do is based on the teaching, example and life of Jesus

    • living in the Kingdom of God we view reality through the lens of God rather than the lens of society and culture

    • following Jesus rather than just believing in him

  • Hospitality

    • welcoming to all

    • civility

    • respect for one another

    • break down pre-conceived ideas about people

    • care, support and nurture for the members and friends of the Hughes family

  • Stewardship

    • offering ourselves fully in response to God’s blessings

    • responsibly utilizing all of our resources (talents, gifts, time, treasure, property, environment, etc.)

    • encouraging everyone to discover, develop and deploy their spiritual gifts and talents

  • Agape (Unconditional, Sacrificial Love)

    • treasure each person like a precious gem

    • show acceptance to those who are judged and rejected

    • sacrificial love which refuse to count the cost or expect repayment

    • identify the needs of others and respond with appropriate action

  • Bold, Courageous Faith

    • moving from our comfort zones to the Kingdom Zone

    • Holy Boldness

    • using scripture and prayer while depending on faith to develop discerning and courageous disciples

    • look to Christ before you leap!

    • continual discernment: what does a leap of faith look like for Hughes Church?


Our mission is to “reflect the face of Christ to all whom we encounter.” As a friendly, hospitable family of God, we strive live out our faith through vital, joyous worship, honoring our diversity as God’s people, intentionally working to grow in faith, serving our neighbor and sharing God’s message of love and grace.




10700 Georgia Avenue

Wheaton, MD 20902



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