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Reconciling Statement of Hughes

Hughes United Methodist Church- is a community of faithful disciples, reflecting the face of Christ to all whom we encounter.  In reflecting Christ’s unconditional love and the social principles of The United Methodist Church, we affirm that all people are equally valuable in the sight of God, and we welcome all people regardless of age, race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, faith history, immigration status, marital status, family configuration, educational background, economic status, physical or mental capability, or any other personal characteristic, to participate fully in our community of faith.  Furthermore, we resolve to emulate Christ in pursuing justice, equality, and the guarantee of basic human rights for all marginalized people, and we commit to actively promote a culture of love, support, mutual understanding, and acceptance in our church. The Holy Spirit lives in each of us, and we are blessed with a diverse congregation, in which each person graces our community.

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